November Challenge: Make Time To Paint

Would it shock you to hear that as a watercolor artist, I feel like one of the things I struggle with the most is actually MAKING TIME TO PAINT!?!?!?

This task that I enjoy, the activity that I built my whole business around, is often times the part of my business that goes on the back burner.  There is always something that seems more pressing, or some fire to put out (metaphorically, hopefully!) and I can always find an excuse to not make time to paint.


Kate painting watercolor using vibrant colors and her favorite round brush,


I can hear you thinking, "But Kate, this is what you love!!! Surely you can make time for this!!" Well, while I do love it, for some reason I haven't been making it a priority.  Between busy lives, a bit of burnout, and a hefty spoonful of imposter syndrome, it's been about 4 months since I've really been in the painting groove.

In an effort to get some momentum and turn this road block into a painting block party, I realized this would be a perfect time to start our monthly challenges.  These challenges are for artists and dabblers alike who are wanting to grow their craft and find joy in the wonderful and wild world of watercolor! 

I hope for it to be a way to share ideas, get encouragement, and find support!

So if you're ready to take your art by storm, I invite you to join me in this month's challenge where we MAKE TIME TO PAINT! 


Kate painting dahlias in her shed adorned with flowers


Let's get into it!

But Why? 

It's very hard to improve your craft if you never practice it! It's important to not just make time to paint, but to also make space to PRACTICE.  Often there is so much pressure to make something that is perfect that we forget how crucial it can be to PLAY! So let's play!  I'll be going live painting throughout the month, (hop on my newsletter or check my Instagram to get the schedule) and we can have a painting party!

What's the plan?

First we're going to carve out the time! Then we're gonna do it! I had a teacher once who said "don't say 'I don't have time', say 'I have not made that a priority'" so let's shift that mindset.  Let's make a pact to make this a PRIORITY! So say it with me now: 

I will make time to paint.  I will make time to play and explore my craft.  This is an act of radical self care.  Taking care of myself and doing what I love makes me a better person and a better artist.

Where can I get support? 

Hop on my newsletter to get challenge updates and weekly(ish) check-ins: join the challenge.

Pop on over to Instagram and Tiktok where I'll be sharing updates of my progress and ideas to help spark inspiration.

Snag my 5 Day Watercolor Basics course to learn all the watercolor terms you need to get started!

You can even get my list of favorite supplies, because buying art supplies is just as fun as painting! 😂 

Share your progress! I'd love it if you'd tag me (@splatterandbloom on TikTok and Facebook and @splatter.and.bloom on Instagram and use the hashtag #paintwithkate so all the bloomers can cheer you on! 

October 31, 2022 — KATHERINE TALCOTT


Christine McClester

Christine McClester said:

The October challenge was the only thing that got me motivated and actually painting instead of just collecting supplies like I had been doing. I can’t seem to make time for self improvement but if there’s an accountability partner (or several) it’s much easier! I’m so happy there’s something in November to keep me moving with the momentum I’ve finally gained thanks to the support and encouragement I’ve found here!!

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