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Do you have that friend who always has her act together? She never forgets a birthday, she’s the first to RSVP to events, she even gets her Christmas cards out the first week of December.  You KNOW she isn’t waiting until the last minute for holiday shopping, AND she checked off her whole gift list before the end of cyber Monday!  How the heck does she do it?!?! If you, too, struggle with details like this, I am here to help! 

Here are some tips on how to stay on top of all things holiday.



It is a good idea to START NOW! Now is the time to get going! Especially if you are looking to get a custom piece made for your loved ones.  Artists need time to get these projects done and if you book your commissioned piece early, they are going to be less rushed on your piece too! You won’t have to pay for rush shipping either.   

Make a list--even if you’re waiting for Black Friday to do your purchase, make a list ahead of time.  I know that my sister loves puzzles, so I know to keep my eye out for any elaborate puzzles that come across my path.  Write down the name of the person, the type of item, and the store you want to get it from.  Sign up for that store’s email list so you get first notice of any products, especially if they only have a limited number.  You’ll probably get a sign-up discount too! When you sign up for my newsletter, you get a sweet welcome coupon code! 

Sending gifts early is especially important this year with all the USPS cuts.  Packages are taking longer than expected to be delivered already and it will only get busier the closer we get to the holidays.






There are lots of fun ways to add some festive flair to your holiday wrapping.  You can get fun wrapping paper and add cute gift tags or sprigs of nature if it’s for someone local.  I like to get butcher paper and decorate my own.  I’ll be putting out some Instagram videos to share how I do this soon!  

If you’re wanting to go with an eco-friendly option, you can make gift bags out of fabric! My mom made us some and she just used two rectangles of fabric and sewed a hem with a ribbon inside for a draw string.  Definitely a good beginners sewing project.

If tape is your enemy and you hate wrapping presents, then see if the places you’re shopping at will gift wrap the items for you! We sure do! For just $6.00 we will wrap your present and write any note you’d like and ship it off to it’s destination.  Who needs the paper cuts anyways!?!?!


Holiday Cards



Let’s be real, the holidays are going to look a little different this year.  Many of us will not be traveling to gather with loved ones. Let them know you care with a greeting card!.  Tell them what you loved about the holidays you’ve shared with them and how you can’t wait for a raincheck next year.  

Want something a little more personalized?  You can get a family Christmas card printed.  We are offering a very limited number of family holiday card design slots.  Sign up for yours here.  If you have your heart set on custom holiday cards, now is the time! We can even print out a holiday letter and get your envelopes addressed printed for you--talk about easy! The season is always so hectic, let us handle it for you! 


Festive Decorations



This is my favorite! I have a minor (INTENSE) obsession with the little felty creatures.  This year I am trying to start making my own Christmas Village out of my felty critters! We also got a potted tree that we can bring inside for the season and put back outside to continue growing.  There are so many types of decorations, it can be overwhelming, but think about your style and values.  I love delightful charm and we are trying to find ways to be more ecologically minded so these two elements fit perfectly for our holiday decorations.  Do you love opulence? Maybe a tree with all gold ornaments is for you! If you love snarky sayings bust out the punny decor and you are good to go! Whatever your vibe is, my best hack is to think about the types of things you like and go nuts on the sales after Christmas so you get all your items at a discount! Then you can dream about them the rest of the year! 


Aftermath: Thank you notes. 



Okay, so imagine...Christmas is over.  You’ve cleaned up the wreckage and scrubbed out all the candy cane sticky spots off your couch.  All you want to do is relax.  Oh wait, what is that? The nagging pull of decorum and responsibility?!? Did Aunt Edith get me the candle or the blanket? Who gave your child that toy that sings that you’ve already hid the batteries for? Don’t leave your thank you notes to chance! Keep track of your loved ones generosity with our Thank You Notes and Thank Yule Log(coming soon!)! Never forget a thank you note again! 


Whew! How exhausting! I think it's time to sit back with a cozy blanket, some fuzzy slippers, a good book, and a big ol' mug of peppermint hot chocolate! 


October 27, 2020 — KATE TALCOTT

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