How to Do a Watercolor Wash - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to the first weekly tutorial video of hopefully many to come! Over the next few weeks I will be going over the basics of watercolor techniques and tools.  Then we'll move onto some fun projects! I'm so excited to kick off this YouTube adventure! If you want to get the latest, go over and subscribe to my YouTube channel or join my email list that will send the video right to your inbox every week!  


Each week's blogpost will have the video, a transcript of the video, a list of linked supplies used for that video, a photo of what you'll learn and sometimes some downloadable goodies.  Always feel free to let me know what you'd me to cover in future tutorials, either on Instagram, or by filling out this form.


an image of different types of watercolor washes


A watercolor  wash is usually used when you do a background or a large area.  It can be done with one color or many.  It is achieved when you cover a large surface with a watery mixture of your paint.



Here is a link to the supplies used in this video.


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May 04, 2021 — KATE TALCOTT

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