Fall For Watercolor Challenge - Quick and Easy Supply List

If you're here, you're probably ready to start the #fallforwatercolor challenge where we paint one Fall themed painting every day in the month of October!

Not signed up yet?!?! Here's the link to join in! 


I know jumping into a new hobby can be overwhelming, so let me do the legwork for you! TLDR -- Scroll down and pick one paper option, one brush option, and one paint option!  These are all Amazon links so it should be easy peasy! 

While I love all supplies from budget to bougie, I wanted to make sure you all could get your supplies quickly and cheap! Watercolor supplies can be super expensive and often times cheap watercolor supplies are seriously lacking in quality.  BUT -- I've trolled the interwebs and here are my absolute favorites for a starter bare-bones watercolor supply kit!

If you want more details and choices, go check out this gift guide for all different types of budgets, but if you're just wanting to cut to the chase and grab your goodies quick, here are my top favorites on Amazon.


Watercolor paper is perhaps the most important tool, because if the paper doesn't hold up to your water, then you're in a pickle! We start from the foundation up! Want to learn more about watercolor paper?!! Check out this blog post where I get into it!  


Artisto Watercolor Paper is my absolute favorite budget paper! It's thick, it holds a lot of water, has nice texture, and it's affordable! I use this with my daughter who loves to drench her paper and it holds up! 

If you're more of a sketchbook kinda person here's my personal recommendation: 


I recommend getting a wash brush (for covering large areas) and a round brush for details but if you can only get one, always go with a round brush (size 6 is my favorite!) - it allows you to cover a large area and get smaller details. 
This set from Princeton Brushes' SNAP collection has a nice assortment for an unbeatable price! This is the same brand of brushes that we include in our Watercolor Kits


Classic Watercolor Starter Set - Color Mixing like the pros!

I love this set from Winsor & Newton's Cotman Collection (Their student grade paints) The colors are similar to the professional grade paints and this will be great for learning how to mix paints with classic colors! 

Gimme all the colors!

If color mixing feels intimidating at the moment, here is my favorite fun, bright color palette! This is from Norberg & Linden and comes with a sketchbook that is not too bad and brushes that stink, but just save that for a fun, messy future art project! 

When I put these all in my cart, with one paper option, one brush option, and one paint option -- you should be totaling in around 50 dollars.  These supplies are good budget options that perform really well for their price, but If that is out of budget, the Crayola set from your grocery store will absolutely work! You can get this bulk multimedia paper which is an excellent shoestring budget option too! 

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. Links may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.
September 28, 2023 — KATHERINE TALCOTT

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