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You've got big dreams that light you afire.  You think about them constantly.   You imagine what your life would be like if only you could (fill in your dream here).

But when it gets down to actually making it happen, you feel stuck.  Whether it's a limiting belief (I could never figure out how to do that), you don't know how to get started, you're worried that it won't be perfect, or something else entirely - something is in your way.


Kate looking perplexed at a to-do list


"I don't have time for that" 

"I'll wait until I feel ready" 

"I'll never be that good"

"What if I can't do it"

"What if I fail" 

"I wouldn't even know where to begin"

"I don't know how to do that"


Do any of these sound familiar? I know I've definitely said all of these things to myself at one time or another. Of course sometimes that big dream has barriers that are out of your control--like, I want to win a million dollars in the lotto, or If only I could go on a shopping spree at Michael's so I could have all the supplies I want. but more often than not,  that barrier is something that we create within ourselves.  

We need to get our of our own way so that we can actually DO THE THING! 


STEP 1: Find the dream!

So the first step is to think about that dream.  Imagine it - what does it feel like? What does it look like?  It might help to write about it in a journal.  Try writing it in present tense, as if you have already achieved that dream. 

Instead of saying "one day I want to be in an art gallery", say "My art is in a gallery and as I walk into the crisp white walled exhibit, I see my art, a splash of color across the walls.  I am wearing a snazzy sparkly dress and I notice all the people looking at my work!  As I sip champagne at the gallery opening, I overhear someone say how it reminds them of their childhood!  I am confident and passionate about each piece!" (Putting on my English teacher hat) Use descriptive words! 


STEP 2: Uncover your limiting beliefs:

Now that you have your dream in mind, make a list of everything that worries you or is holding you back.  For example, "How do I get my art noticed? Will I ever be able to create something good enough? How will I be able to do that while working a full time job?" etc.  


STEP 3: Kick those limiting beliefs to the curb!  

Now that you've figured out what you want and what is holding you back, it's time to work through it and get you on the path to making those dreams happen.  Here are 5 strategies I've used to help get me past my sticking points! 


Kate putting her hand out saying "no" to limiting beliefs
 (me saying "NO, GET OUTTA HERE" to the limiting beliefs) 

5 Strategies to Vanquish Limiting Beliefs

Journal About it!

 Sometimes just writing the words down helps me find clarity about how I'm really feeling.  It allows me to document and reflect on the decision I'm trying to make.  Often, while journaling, I find that I answer my own questions.  Look back at the worries from Step 2 and use that as your journal prompt.  Think about where that belief came from, why does it make you nervous, brainstorm what you would need to work past it.  Don't sensor yourself, just write.  You might be surprised where it takes you.  Often when starting a new project, even if I'm not conflicted, I use this strategy to help focus my direction.

Make a Pro Con List

Just seeing two columns with a concrete data point (aka 8 pros and 3 cons) can help be a quick way to remind yourself that this is worth pursuing.  Sometimes those cons can seem overwhelming, but writing it out in a list gives you an idea of the big pieces you'll need to tackle and a reminder of all the great things that come along with it to make this journey worth it!

To Do List

When getting started, sometimes taking that first step can be the hardest.  At the beginning of a huge project, I like to break it down into tiny steps so that it doesn't feel overwhelming.  Often once I get through that first big step, if is easier to gain momentum and energy for what's to come.  It also helps you from hemming and hawing, since you know exactly what is next on the list. (Need a cute notepad for making a list?!?! Check out the notepads in our shop!) 

Accountability Buddy

When doing something big, it can often be hard to hold ourselves accountable.  It can also feel somewhat lonely.  I will often tell a buddy, or even proclaim it on the internet, so that I feel more motivation to get it done.  It can help if your buddy is doing something similar.  If you're wanting to tackle a new style of painting, it could help if your buddy is also interested in art.  If you're wanting to make your art into a business, finding someone who does something similar would be great too.  Don't have a buddy yet? Go find one! Join a local painting class, strike up a conversation with someone on Instagram who is "totally your vibe" or heck, DM me on Instagram and I'll cheer you on! I am basically a professional (verbal) cheerleader.  Please don't ask for stunts though, I am woefully uncoordinated!

Make the Time

One of the biggest barriers I hear from folks is that they don't have the time.  In this busy world, there is never enough time.  As a mom of two, running a business, and ideally having a vague sense of a social life, I often feel like the commodity that I need the most is time.  However, I am going to tell you what I learned from a very wise professor I had in my teaching program.  

She said that the excuse of "I don't have enough time" is a copout.  We all have the same amount of time.  What we need to say instead is "that is not a priority for me".  If it is something important, we will prioritize it.  Do we have time to get gas or do grocery shopping, not really, but we make time because we have to do it.  What if we also MADE TIME for our dreams! Your dreams are precious and worth prioritizing! Even if it's just twenty minutes a day, take a moment to carve out some dedicated time to focus on your dream.  It might take a while if you have a lot of other responsibilities to juggle, but at least you have those few moments every day or even every week to JUST GET STARTED. 


Kate blowing confetti into the air wearing a party hat


YOU CAN DO THIS! Follow those dreams! I'd love to hear about your big dreams over on Instagram! You can also join my (mostly) weekly newsletter for all things creative! Just fill out the form below! 


March 07, 2022 — KATHERINE TALCOTT

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